Luke Kuechly’s Sudden Retirement is a Wake-Up Call for the NFL

Luke Kuechly announced his early retirement and Doug thinks it’s just a sad day for football fans. He’s not sure if this is a wake-up call for the NFL or if this is just the way things are now. Either way, everybody liked and respected Kuechly and it is terribly disappointing to see him hang up his cleats.

Doug Gottlieb: "Yesterday was a sad day. I don't know anyone who likes football who doesn't like Luke Kuechly as a player. But between watching what happened to Ryan Shazier, who's still relearning how to run and walk and watching what happened to Luke Kuechly, when you have a concussion and was crying when he was being carted out of the stadium, it's gonna be hard to get hard-hitting, fast-running linebackers. And I don't know if it's a wake-up call, or just, this is the reality of the sport now. Football has always had a short lifespan, but the best of the best have seemingly been able to play forever. Now, that's changing."

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